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We are Larry and Rony. We are an American/Filipino couple married 16 years now. Larry is a US-trained paralegal, who has been specializing in immigration law since 1998, Rony started training under Larry in 2006, together we have successfully gotten visas for hundreds of Filipinos. We have been processing visas for Filipinos to go to the US since 2006. We understand fully the issues you will be going through.
We are not your typical “glamour and glitz” online agent, who directs you to forms to be downloaded and filled out by you, with vague generic instructions applying to everyone. We know that every case is not the same, and instructions and requirements apply to individual cases differently.
We do not claim a 100% success rate or claim we have successfully processed thousands of visas from hundreds of countries worldwide. We do not have a glassed-in and air-conditioned office near the Embassy, filled with a dozen or so minimum wage earners who do not really know a lot about what they are doing.
In fact, we have no employees at all, we work for you ourselves, personally, and give each and every case and client our personal attention, from start to finish. To reduce communication problems, Larry does most of the communicating with the US client, and Rony does most of the communication with the Filipino client. Our office is in our home near Dumaguete in the Southern Philippines. Most of our work is done through email, phone, and courier. We have built a simple and efficient system that works, and continue to improve on it constantly as the process evolves.
We are a full-service provider. We process only 20-50 cases per year. We fill out the forms, we assemble the packets to be sent to USCIS and later to be taken to the medical and interview, we set the appointments for you, we guide you step by step through the entire process, from start to finish.
There are many other options online for help to immigrate your loved one, some are cheaper, and some are more expensive. Or, you can spend thousands of dollars and hire an Immigration attorney, who will have his $15 an hour paralegal do it.
The fact of the matter is, if you can fill out and file your own tax return, and have the time and patience to wade through all the information online and separate the bad from the good, you can probably do this yourself!
However, be aware that this process changes constantly. Last year’s good information may be this year’s bad information. One of the policy changes they announced in 2018 was, they no longer have to ask you for missing information or documents, they can just deny you, and not even tell you why they did it. Read about that here;
So far they do not seem to be initiating this, but when and how they may apply this in the future is anybody’s guess. Things have really tightened up so far in 2019, USCIS even closed their Manila office, eliminating Direct Consular Filings entirely.
If you are like many and would like first-class non-generic assistance that will not break the bank, you have found the right place.
So if you decide you would like personal full-service type help, from real people who know the process and care about their clients, please consider using our service.

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Contact us at pinayvisa@yahoo.com, or call our cell 639278095384.

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