Now like other sites I could upload a hoard of “testimonials” with personal pictures of a select few of our past clients, which of course would all be positive, and troublesome to contact them individually to get honest opinions. However, there may be an easier way, where you can read unedited comments about our service on a public forum, where anybody can respond with their honest opinion.

The following comments were made by members of the Livingincebu web forum,  a site created to help persons from outside the Philippines with Philippines information, starting with this thread;

“Larry was great for my wife and adopted daughter. I did the DCF and I think I was a near record. Filed in September and flew to the US by New years.  He caught many small items I would have missed, and saved me at least a flight back to Manila and probably another 4 months. Sure you can do it on your own, but what if you forget that one tiny thing….What if your wife says the one thing wrong at the interview…..what should she be carrying when you show up to the interview that signals to the embassy person that your in order and get sent right through without many questions….etc etc. Did you know that if you show up to the medical in Manila 20% of the month they will have to reschedule you? Why is that??? Hire Larry.”

“Larry is an upfront guy.  It would be hard to go wrong using his service.  I can’t think of one bad thing to say about him, except maybe he owes me a beer or is it I owe him one.  Whatever.  LOL    Seriously, in the five years I was in the country, I’ve known a lot of people who used him and never heard of any complaints.  I’d use him before I’d use any of the other services for sure.”


“Whenever I have visa related problems to solve, I contact Larry and he takes care of it for me. He doesn’t even owe me a beer!  I highly recommend using Larry.”

“I used Larry and his wife for my wife youngest son’s visa……two thumbs up!”

“I recommend them..they did a great job for us”

“I can personally vouch for Larry being an honest, upfront guy because we worked together on a project shortly before Christmas last year to help a young family in Negros out – without any fanfare on the forums, just pure “get it done now” mentality. And it worked out quite well thanks to Larry and his wife’s hard work (and lots of miles driven back and forth to the hospital!). Shadow is A#1 in our book and always will be.”

“Ok so I just got done with the entire Visa process for my wife. Larry (PinayVisa) helped a lot. Their price was also much lower than everyone else that offered visa services. They also made the entire process a lot easier by preparing packets with clear step by step instructions before going to the Embassy. Larry was also always available via skype/email or call/text to assist with any visa related questions. He wil make sure you are 100% ready before you even step foot in the US Embassy. I highly recommend Pinay Visa to anyone that needs to bring their spouse/fiance to US.”

And from a different thread;

“update to my current  DCF process via Shadow, just recieved my packet for interview thank you larry and rony. Would not have been able to do this by myself,  I tried, gave up and hired larry. If you need help hire larry, dont ask me my brain is fried.”

“I started the process myself and immediately made a screw-up that could have jeopardized the whole thing. I turned to Larry and he guided me through the rest of it. Having someone who has been through it so many times was invaluable, especially considering the filing costs, trips to Manila, etc. “

There are many more comments too, but don’t take my word for it, click the links and see what they say for yourself!